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Equations of SHM for the Simple Pendulum

Objective 1:: To understand the derivation of the period and frequency equation for a simple pendulum.

Objective 2: To be able to state the dependent variables for the period and frequency of a simple pendulum

1. Equate restoring force and Hooke's Law: (Reference: Properties of SHM)

F = mgsin(theta) = kr = ks

2. Solve for k

k = mg sin(theta)/s

3. Substitute s = L(theta) (Reference: Simple Pendulum Illustration)

k = mg sin(theta)/L(theta)

4. Make the small angle approximation that sin(theta) = (theta)

k = mg (theta)/L(theta

5. Simplify

k = mg/L

6. Substitute into f and T equations of SHM (Reference: Equations of SHM)

angular frequency equation for simple pendulum

period equation for simple pendulum

Important Note: The period, T, and the frequency, f, of a Simple Pendulum depend only on Length, L, and gravity, g. The Period, T, and frequency, f, do not depend on mass.


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